• August 04, 2011 04 Aug'11

    File-sharing blocking u-turn met with dismay by piracy fighters

    The decision by the government to abandon plans to block web sites sharing illegal software, games, video and music has been met with dismay from those trying to fight piracy. Yesterday the government unveiled its response to the Hargreaves Review ...  Continue Reading

  • August 04, 2011 04 Aug'11

    The Power of Nice - Review

    If you're going to be a service provider, you might as well be nice. Start with the welcome you offer people when they arrive at your company. There's a business logic. Nice people tend to listen more, understand the customer better and, ...  Continue Reading

  • August 04, 2011 04 Aug'11

    Meeting etiquette disrupted by technology

    Technology might well have helped us become better connected and able to work more flexibly but it has also led to an increase in workplace rudeness with the humble business meeting the main victim of wandering minds. Next time someone disrupts a ...  Continue Reading

  • August 04, 2011 04 Aug'11

    Fraud consultation could get tax dodgers off the hook

    According to the Chartered Institute of Taxation, the governmentarereally keen to get tax payers, or rather those who aren't paying what they should be, 'working' more for HMRC. In a consultation exercise, the government is proposing a Contractual ...  Continue Reading

  • August 03, 2011 03 Aug'11

    Fujitsu rallies channel for tablet PC wars

    Fujitsu has set out plans to "dominate" the business tablet PC market and is calling on the channel to get involved as it launchesits business-centric Windows-basedStylistic Q550. The business tablet markethas long been the near-exclusive ...  Continue Reading

  • August 03, 2011 03 Aug'11

    Nebulas hires ex-Cybersource sales boss to double turnover

    Security and virtualisation reseller Nebulas Solutions has appointed former Cybersource sales boss Richard Parker as its new sales manager, charged with thedevelopment ofnew business across the firm's portfolio. During a four year stint at secure ...  Continue Reading

  • August 03, 2011 03 Aug'11

    Cloud computing's hidden costs, part one

    What arethe hidden costs of cloud computing? Let's count them. There are some awful fates awaiting you in the cloud. Take for example, the fate that befell New York publisher Curbed Network, which got kicked to the kerbwhen its data was suddenly ...  Continue Reading