• August 25, 2011 25 Aug'11

    SMEs now have (slightly) easier access to new funds

    The Government has brought two deregulatory amendments to the EU Prospectus Directive into effect a year early which may help small businesses access equity finance more easily. By implementing the amendments on 31 July 2011fewer small issuers ...  Continue Reading

  • August 25, 2011 25 Aug'11

    Are you a director?

    There are instances of people who although not officially a director act is if they are a director. The law understands this and allows for them to be made liable for any malfeasance and a recent case - Re Mumtaz Properties Ltd; Wetton v Ahmed - ...  Continue Reading

  • August 24, 2011 24 Aug'11

    TouchPad hunters fell retail sites Lulzsec style

    Web performance firm Site Confidence has shared some insight into the impact of this week's HP TouchPad fire sale on the UK e-tail community, revealing that hordes of consumers seeking out the bargain bucket £89 gadget had the same impact as a...  Continue Reading