M247 shares PTSN switch-off pitch advice

Managed service player M247 has one eye firmly on next year’s PTSN switch-off and is encouraging fellow channel partners to help customers to take migration steps

The channel is being urged to remind customers that the public switched telephone network (PTSN) switch-off next September is coming and that the time is right to consider alternative technology.

There have been a few voices calling across the channel about the switch-off in the past couple of years, but with the deadline feeling closer, this is the moment when more noise is being made about the comms technology.

Given its position as trusted adviser and subject expert, the channel has a clear education role to play to encourage more customer migration away from the legacy framework.

James Smith, head of pre sales at M247, said that there were real concerns that not enough businesses had started their transformation journeys away from the PSTN network.

“According to research conducted by M247, 54% of businesses do not believe that the PSTN switch-off has been well publicised, and despite the urgency of the switch-off, 88% of UK businesses still currently have analogue services running on the PSTN network,” he said.

“Perhaps there is hesitancy towards moving away from the existing PSTN network, as core services including alarm systems and legacy voice systems may rely on PSTN lines. But when the switch-off comes into force, if businesses have not transitioned to the new digital infrastructure, then they will face big problems and disruption,” he added.

Smith said that many customers have made the switch under a wider digital transformation strategy, and advised the channel to pitch migration in that context.

“Those who have already transitioned away from the PSTN network are enjoying a wealth of digital benefits. Our research found that 54% of respondents are enjoying improved flexibility after moving away from the PSTN network, whilst 42% have reported increased technical capabilities such as call recording and call transcription,” he said.

He added that as well as upgrading the comms network, there would also be options to upgrade infrastructure hardware to support digital.

Those in the channel with the right skills should be front and centre when it comes to presenting themselves as the right candidates to take customers through the PTSN migration journey.

“With core services potentially facing serious disruption following 2025’s switch-off, business leaders must ensure they future-proof to ensure their transition is seamless. Enlisting the support of dedicated service providers can provide business leaders with the technical knowledge and assistance to minimise any sticking points in their migration journeys,” said Smith.

“By enlisting the right technology partner, even the smallest of businesses can feel empowered to future-proof their IT infrastructure, drive greater business continuity, and deliver seamless experiences for customers and employees alike,” he added.

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