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Stone and TD Synnex highlight ITAD benefits

With budgets remaining tight, the need for the channel to pitch a strong refurbished tech story remains a pressing one

Sustainability was one of the major themes of last year and there are no signs of that changing as the focus on lifecycle management continues to remain high.

On 3 January 2024, TD Synnex division Shyft Global Services acquired IT asset disposal (ITAD) specialist Coveka to bolster its position, and others in the market are also encouraging the channel to get behind refurbished technology.

Craig Campion, director of ITAD services at Stone, stated that there are clear benefits for customers from using refurbished IT and the channel would benefit if it was in a position to pitch those to users.

“One of the biggest problems facing society today is electronic waste (or ‘e-waste’). According to data from Uswitch, the UK generates the second-highest amount of e-waste per capita in the world, and by next year, the UK will likely overtake Norway to become the world’s biggest offender,” he said.

If you are planning to usher in new tech for your organisation in 2024, consider how you could dispose of your outdated models in a way that reduces e-waste output,” he added.

Dealing with e-waste was the first benefit for customers keen to demonstrate a zero-waste stance to landfill, but using refurbished or “up-cycled” tech is also helpful for budgeting.

“New tech can come with a hefty price tag, so it’s important to consider all options, as brand new devices are not always 100% necessary for every organisation,” he added. “Opting for refurbished devices can deliver significant cost savings for these (often public sector) organisations, and alleviate some of the strain on their IT budgets.”

Campion added that if the channel worked with an established ITAD players then they could reassure customers that refurbished tech is tested and reliable.

“Most refurbed devices come with impressive warranties. The length of the warranty period will ultimately vary according to each vendor, but often times, they match those offered by OEMs on new products,” he said.

“Partnering with a trusted and accredited circular IT vendor means businesses won’t just have access to refurbished tech, they will also have access to consultancy and support for all immediate and future tech needs,” he concluded.

A few months ago, Stone revealed it had helped prevent 1.5 million units of used IT from being dumped, supported by the use of the Stone 360 app, launched in 2020, which provides customers with the option to get used hardware recycled instead of heading to landfill.

Over at TD Synnex, the motivation for the addition of Cokeva, which repairs, tests and refurbishes IT equipment, is to bolster its ITAD position.

“The addition of Cokeva will provide customers the opportunity to leverage a broader range of end-to-end technology services,” said Ron Brinckerhoff, senior vice-president of Shyft. “Adding more than 200 highly trained repair service experts, engineering resources and another world-class facility to our services portfolio will provide significant benefits for both Shyft and Cokeva customers.

“This acquisition further highlights Shyft’s investment in global sustainability with expanded circular economy capabilities, as well as our commitment to providing flexible and eco-conscious repair services solutions that help technology OEMs reach their goals faster,” he added.

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