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GTDC: Distributors are force-multipliers for innovation

The role of disties in driving technological change was the central theme at the Global Technology Distribution Council’s EMEA Summit

The role of distribution in identifying and bringing innovative technologies to market has been a key theme at the Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC) EMEA Summit.

The industry organisation has been holding an event in the Netherlands, where it has become clear that distributors view themselves as playing a crucial role as a support for emerging vendors and a guide for resellers.

The event comes just a matter of days after GTDC shared The innovation enablement guide, which revealed that the speed with which the channel is picking up emerging technology has accelerated.

The guide underlined the importance of distribution in helping identify which technologies to back, with more resellers and managed service providers (MSPs) looking for distributors to take the mystery out of which areas will generate revenue and be of most interest to customers.

That theme was the topic of many a keynote and debate at the GTDC event, with the value of distribution being underlined throughout the sessions.

“Innovation is a key sales driver and rising value proposition for the channel as businesses struggle to keep pace with increases in labour costs, global competition and regulatory compliance,” said Frank Vitagliano, CEO of the GTDC.

“While organisations rely on IT solutions and technology providers to address those concerns and meet other critical objectives, distributors are a force behind the scenes. They deliver more technology options, services and support capabilities than ever before,” he added.

“Distributors are force-multipliers in the adoption process, providing vendors with the support, resources and visibility required to thrive in the channel.”

Other prominent topics included the impact on the channel from digital transformation, the growing opportunities in cyber security, the channel’s current position on artificial intelligence and the need for environmental sustainability.

Experts in venture capital and finance also talked of the challenges and areas of opportunity for distribution against the current economic backdrop.

Vitagliano added that distributors continued to make investments to make sure they were in the best position to meet the needs of vendors and channel partners that depend on them for products, services and support.

“All the investments in digital platforms, marketplaces and emerging technology practices are coming into their own today, simplifying go-to-market strategies and expanding the reach for vendors and solution partners. Alliances with hyperscalers and expansion of sustainability-related offerings will further boost the value of distribution in the IT ecosystem,” he said.


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