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Schneider Electric bolsters ecommerce partner support

Vendor adds collaborative partner programme to deliver tailored resources and rewards for participants

Schneider Electric has cut the ribbon on its first Ecommerce Partner Program to make sure it has that route to market well supported.

The vendor is looking to react to changes in the ecommerce landscape to make sure it can provide a collaborative programme that encourages growth.

The programme provides the usual array of options that partners participating in other targeted tracts could expect, including market and product information, training and compensation, plus access to its eCommerce Transformation & Activation Manager to help develop partners with their growth strategies.

“The mission of our partner programme has become clearer,” said David Terry, vice-president of IT channels Europe at Schneider Electric. “For the first time, we are offering our ecommerce partners a programme which is unique and innovative that sets it apart from its competitors.

“It provides a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to help partners succeed in the ecommerce space,” he continued.

“From marketing support to technical assistance, the programme offers a wide range of services to ensure partners have the best experience possible.

“The programme also offers exclusive discounts and promotions to help partners maximise their profits,” said Terry. “With its comprehensive features and the ability to customise the programme to fit the needs of each partner, the Ecommerce Partner Program is truly ahead of its competitors.”

Major refresh

Schneider has been enhancing and developing its partner programme since it launched a major refresh last summer.

When it introduced the mySchneider IT partner programme across Europe, it moved to a system based on partner models, indicating last June that it would be catering to more types as time progressed.

Speaking then, Terry summed up the approach: “Where our current partner programme was very vertical, based on technical competencies around mechanical and electrical engineering, we were missing part of our orbit. A big chunk of our partner community really felt like they didn’t have a home. So, the new structure that’s been launched is very much based on business models.”

One of the challenges for those involved with ecommerce has been to increase the support they can offer customers.

The world has changed a lot since the pandemic, with businesses expected to provide high levels of support and delivery options to customers.

Deposco report

A recent report from omnichannel supply player Deposco revealed that more ecommerce players were investing in a direct to consumer (DTC) delivery model but many lacked the skills to make it happen.

The firm’s report found that since early 2020, there had been an increase in the number of ecommerce players providing DTC models, which was identified as helping to improve profit margins, reduce costs and increase personalised service offerings.

However, a lack of skilled staff was seen as one of the main challenges holding firms back, along with issues with infrastructure and identifying the right approach.

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