HPE adds private cloud to GreenLake

Vendor continues to add functionality and compatibility to its as-a-service portfolio at a time when customers are looking for help managing their data

HPE has added more options to its GreenLake as-a-service portfolio with an option for customers looking to run a private cloud environment.

HPE has used the backdrop of its Discover Frankfurt event to unveil GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise, which has been designed to provide users with the same container run-times they would gain if they chose public cloud and support for those customers looking for DevOps environments.

The vendor has also continued to expand the ecosystem for GreenLake and has added support for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform just a few weeks after it cut the ribbon on HPE GreenLake for VMware.

HPE has consistently seen the channel as the route to market for GreenLake, and speaking to analysts as it unveiled fourth-quarter numbers last week, HPE CEO Antonio Neri said its partners had played a significant role in getting behind its GreenLake as-a-service portfolio.

“Our partners are also seeing the relevance of HPE GreenLake with our customers. Partners booked more HPE GreenLake orders during the fourth quarter than ever before, extending their streak of orders growth to 22 consecutive quarters. During the fourth quarter, we also saw a greater share of partners booking multiple HPE GreenLake deals,” he said.

HPE provided an update on the progress of GreenLake, indicating it supports more than 65,000 customers, powers more than two million connected devices and manages more than 1EB (exabyte) of data with customers worldwide.

The addition of private cloud support covers off another option for customers that want to have an alternative to public approaches.

“HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise is a ready, out-of-the-box private cloud with a completely modern experience, delivering optimised performance, open choice and low and predictable total cost of ownership, which is resonating with organisations across every industry,” said Vishal Lall, senior vice-president and general manager for HPE GreenLake Cloud Services Solutions.

At the same time, HPE also shared the results of a global survey looking into data maturity levels at customers, with the headline findings being that very few are in a strong position on that front.

The survey ranked customers from levels 1 to 5. That showed that 14% of organisations were on level 1 (data anarchy), 29% on level 2 (data reporting), 37% on level 3 (data insights), 1% on level 4 (data centricity), and 3% on level 5 (data economics).

That lack of data maturity has an impact on sales, customer experience, internal efficiencies and helping advance sustainability.

“There is broad consensus that the world’s data holds an enormous potential to advance the way we live and work however, unlocking this potential requires a shift in organisations’ digital transformation strategies,” said Neri.

“We must move from ‘cloud-first’ to ‘data-first’ as the North Star of digital transformation – meaning that organisations align their strategic, organisational and technological choices with the overarching goal of leveraging data as a strategic asset.”

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