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Schneider Electric steps up partner focus on sustainability

Power player launches an initiative and a fresh range of greener products as it looks to help partners meet customers’ green expectations

Schneider Electric has outlined plans to help its partners work with the vendor to deliver more sustainability options to those customers concerned about power consumption.

The firm has launched the Partnerships for sustainability initiative, which will encourage more cooperation across its ecosystem and increased efforts to make sure that those working with customers have the knowledge and tools to help them make the right decisions.

The initiative includes education and training, a simplified product portfolio and leans on an open and collaborative ecosystem to share knowledge and expertise.

Sustainability has increased in importance and most of the channel are reacting to greater customer demand for solutions that help them meet green ambitions. There is also pressure on partners to demonstrate that they have made commitments as businesses to reducing their own carbon emissions.

Schneider quoted recent research from Bain that indicated the size of the challenge and opportunity, with only 7% of companies delivering on their sustainability plans, and over 40% of customers looking to their partners for support to achieve their environmental goals.

There have already been reports of partners that have lost out on business because they were beaten by a rival with stronger green credentials.

Schneider’s initiative is designed to deliver support to customers but also to help partners take steps to improve their own sustainability levels (see box below).

“If we are to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, we need to accelerate the path to net zero,” said Rohan Kelkar, executive vice-president of Power Products at Schneider Electric. “At Schneider, we have the technology, solutions and knowhow to help decarbonise our economies. Our partners have a critical role to play to scale action and deliver on customers’ decarbonisation journeys.

“With our new Partnerships for sustainability initiative, we hope to equip partners with the skills and technology to capitalise on the business opportunity and accelerate a sustainable future.”

Given its position in the power market, Schneider has also opted to practise what it preaches and has rolled out next-generation products in its TansferPacT, PowerPacT and TeSys ranges.  

Steps to net zero

The initiative includes details of the steps Schneider Electric is taking, and urging its partners to tap into, as it looks to improve customer sustainability levels:

  • Electrify operations using clean electrification and digitisation, future-ready products and hybrid electrical systems.
  • Reduce energy use and carbon footprint by maximising energy efficiency through smart, digital, connected products and software.
  • Replace energy resources within the entire product lifecycle and ensure optimal use of resources.
  • Eliminate polystyrene blisters and foam parts in favour of sustainable and recycled packaging.
  • Engage value chain to optimise operations, increase resilience of supply, minimise footprint.
  • Software design aimed at reducing waste within the entire product lifecycle.
  • Embrace circularity through circular certified products to reduce waste within the entire product lifecycle.

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