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Dell channel chief shares vision of data-driven market

Rola Dagher has penned a blog post in the wake of Dell’s partner programme updates, sharing her thoughts on market growth

In the wake of announcements about updates to its partner programme, the global channel chief at Dell has penned a blog post to outline the context and motives behind the changes.

Dell’s main focus is to unify incentive schemes around a single offering, regardless of what type of partner type along with improved rebates for those that sell storage, servers and displays.

In a blog post, Role Dagher, global channel chief at Dell, provided an update on the contribution that partners made to the business: “This programme is coming off the back of great momentum; Q3 year-to-date, partners grew orders revenue by 31% YoY and delivered more than 50% of Dell Technologies’ orders revenue. I’m excited to see this momentum continue into 2022.”

Dagher than went on to outline where the vendor felt the growth was going to come for partners this fiscal year, with the data theme that has been promoted for the past few years remaining the driving force.

“As we gear up for 2022, we anticipate a data-centric culture, a multicloud world, a more distributed environment and a resounding corporate impact on the communities around us.

“It’s clear that technology is critical in today’s ‘do-from-anywhere world’. It is the driver of progress, underpinned by collaboration. It’s our job to support our partners with the portfolio, programme and benefits they need to deliver the outcomes our customers are looking for in 2022 and beyond,” she stated.

Dell takes a view that the opportunity for channel partners remains sizeable and that its decision to simplify programme structure will facilitate more business.

“These programme investments will help our thriving partner ecosystem execute today while delivering on the growth trends that will underpin success tomorrow. As we set out to capture the $1.3tn market opportunity ahead, we remain committed to our partner promise,” wrote Dagher.

Aside from focusing on enhancements to the partner programme, the other area that was touched on in the blog was sustainability, which is becoming increasingly important to both partners and customers.

This month alone there has already been research from distribution and encouragement from vendors for the channel to do more to cur carbon levels and show their green credentials to customers to help win and retain contracts.

“Our environmental, social and governance [ESG] strategy has always been a key component of how our company operates – it’s how we drive accountability and provide our full value to stakeholders,” Dagher wrote.

“Through the partner programme, partners can use earned funds to drive positive change,” she added. “Making our greatest impact matters to customers, and it matters to all of us. With our social impact resources available on our partner portal, we’re making it easy for partners to showcase our collective commitments and bring customers onboard.”

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