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Exertis Pro AV extends support for Poly

As customers move to a hybrid working model the distributor has increased the technical assistance it can provide resellers

Exertis Pro AV has added more depth to its relationship with Poly, launching a services offering around the vendor’s technology across the UK and Ireland.

The distributor’s technical assistance centre will provide support to resellers that are trying to pull together solutions for customers that are entering a hybrid working environment.

There are options for business hours support, 24/7 support and a hardware replacement service that resellers can tap into to support UK customers.

“We’re pleased to enhance this by offering a fantastic support service wrap that our customers can leverage. Having a fully accredited technical assistance centre, with optional advanced hardware replacement and 24/7/365 support, makes our new service the stand-out choice for our customers,” said Greg Bennett, head of AV solutions at Exertis Pro AV.

Paul Dunne, EMEA channel director at Poly, said it had been working with the distributor to make sure it was ready to back up the launch.

“During the past months, the team have gone through extensive training, passing all levels with flying colours. Exertis Pro AV in the UK and Ireland can now offer a total suite of all Poly product categories matching any collaboration platform needs,” he said.

In its recent The evolution of the workplace report, Poly discussed how the world had changed over the course of the pandemic and what that meant for the channel.

The report shone a light on the anxiety that customers are feeling about the return to offices, with noise levels and distractions a concern. There were also indications that many younger staff, between 16 and 24, are concerned that hybrid working might have an impact on their career development.

Paul Clark, senior vice-president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) sales at Poly, said customers were looking to their partners for guidance as they started to reopen operations.

“The return to the office represents a huge opportunity for the channel because there isn’t clarity on what organisations are going back to. Customers know where they want to get to when it comes to enabling hybrid work, but don’t quite know how to get there,” he said.

“The future office needs to be clearly defined. What spaces will be needed? What do boardrooms, meeting rooms, huddle spaces and desk spaces need to deliver? There’s a real opportunity for the channel to educate organisations on their best approach to hybrid working through value-based selling. This will help customers to ensure a simple, consistent and compelling experience across the enterprise,” he added.

Noise rage

Over the past 20 months, most people have become accustomed to carrying out Zoom and Teams calls at their own pace in their own homes. The idea of having to do that shoulder to shoulder with colleagues in an office situation is raising fears of “noise rage” becoming an issue, according to Poly research. 

  • 56% expressed concern that noise levels in the office will make them less productive.
  • 42% worry they will be prone to “noise rage” if their colleagues are too loud.
  • 60% think they’ll get fed up if their noisy co-workers break their concentration.
  • 40% fear they will be more prone to outbursts in the office now they are unable to mute themselves or turn their cameras off.


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