Clavister aims to widen appeal with subscription model

Security player arms resellers with flexible pricing models to tempt users that might previously have been put off by the prospect of large capital investments

The shift to subscription services has been largely about the desire from customers to reduce their capex burden and gain access to technologies that otherwise might have been out of their reach.

That is certainly the principle that cyber security troubleshooter Clavister is looking to overcome, with the vendor adopting a subscription model of payments in order to make its purchases less daunting.

There are multitudes of companies that need protection but find the big upfront investment too daunting, its sales team has noticed. By creating a budget-friendly payment and service model, the Sweden-based security specialist can solve a major problem for them and give its UK resellers and service providers a great proposition to tell their clients about.

The service proposition has been shaped in time for its latest product launch, involving new versions of its Firewall systems: NetWall 6000, NetWall 500 and NetWall 100. These all promise 10-40Gbps connectivity options at a “significantly lower price”.

Clavister’s flagship customer is BAE Systems Hägglunds, where it has embedded cyber security into military vehicles for “a western European military organisation”. The security player is also big in the telecoms sector, providing 5G security to a mobile operator in Latin America. It can also offer expertise to resellers involved in selling to the public sector, with an access management contract running for a “major Nordics public agency”.

There will be three service levels in the new regime: Essentials, Enhanced and Premium. The first provides all the basics needed for software-defined networking, orchestration and “actionable security intelligence”; the second includes cloud updates, web content filtering and secure remote working; and the Premium level of service brings in artificial intelligence.

Clavister’s partners and resellers should win new business not just through the entry-level pricing, but by progressing the relationship and differentiating their offerings, tempting the customer up the value chain with more attractive proposals, according to Clavister’s chief commercial officer, Przemek Sienkiewicz.

“The model of investing huge upfront sums in cyber security and hoping it will protect you for years to come is becoming outdated,” he said. “The speed at which cyber attacks, and the tactics used to execute them, are evolving means that defences need to develop at the same pace.

“Our new pricing model opens up advanced cyber security to those companies that previously thought it was out of reach, whether due to budget or skillset. We are making cyber security accessible to more organisations across a greater number of industries.”

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