Exclusive Networks rolls out MSSP platform

Distributor identifies need to provide more services for resellers struggling to develop their own SOC

Exclusive Networks has cut the ribbon on its MSSD platform as it steps yup the support it can provide to those looking to provide security managed services.

The distributor is providing a services wrap for resellers to take our to customers based around its core vendor offerings.

The channel player has started with a couple of SOC-based managed security services that partners can take to market: Monitoring & Altering and an option to add to that Prevention & Countermeasures. The plan is to add to the list over the course of next year.

The idea behind the platform is to make sure that those resellers that might lack some security elements can provide customers with enough options to prevent them from looking at a rival supplier.

“As the cyber market evolves, MSSD is the logical step forward, extending our value and leveraging our channel focus to fill a significant gap in the market,” said Andy Travers, EVP worldwide sales & marketing at Exclusive Networks.

“Our initial MSSD services are designed to be as easy to understand and transact as possible so that partners can maximise customer mindshare immediately. Everything is geared towards giving partners risk-free access to managed services revenues, and allowing them to be more relevant to how their customers’ adopt cyber technologies over the long term," he added.

One of the main barriers preventing resellers from providing these sorts of services on their own is the cost in terms of money and expertise in developing a SOC.

Julien Antoine, EVP strategy & operations at Exclusive Networks, said the the costs and skills requirements did prevent, "the majority of partners from addressing customer demand for new forms of security consumption".

"The MSSD platform levels the playing field by removing the need for partners to put hard-earned business through competitors. As we evolve the MSSD offering to include additional services, we will retain its unique 100% channel focus," he added.

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