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Support for business and tech called for from next government

Channel and business groups set out their wish list for whoever wins the keys to Number 10 next month

The three main political parties might have launched their manifestos promising everything from free broadband to a swift Brexit to not one at all. Business groups representing the channel and their customers have put their wish lists forward.
One of the common themes is not just providing better infrastructure, broadband and web access, for businesses, but also a recognition that increasing skills is going to be crucial.
The industry group has put skills at the heart of its demands from the next government. Among its wish list was a call for continued support or certifications to underline the benefits that they bring for individuals and businesses.
Graham Hunter, Vice President of Skills Certifications, EMEA, at CompTIA, said that it was important that the next government protected the UK technology industry.
“While the size of the IT workforce in the UK continues to grow year-on-year the skills gap remains a key barrier to further success,” he said.
CompTIA’s own research has forecast a 3% growth rate in the UK tech workforce between now and 2024, producing 37,700 new jobs.
“In order for the economy to continue to benefit from a growing digital sector, the next Government needs to equip our workforce with the digital skills business require to innovate and grow,” he added “Whichever party comes to power must look to work with organisations and bodies within the sector to bridge today’s skills gap and secure a prosperous technology industry.”
The Federation of Small Businesses has been banging the drum for a long time about the need to end late payments to SME suppliers.
That is again at the heart of what it would like to see from the next government, along with calls for better broadband and web access for small businesses and a more fair rate system.
“We are urging all candidates standing at this election to listen to, and make every effort to understand, the challenges faced by small firms in the communities they hope to represent,” said FSB national chairman Mike Cherry.
The business group has echoed the frustration felt by many over the three years it has taken to get Brexit resolved and called for more focus to be placed on improving productivity.
The organisation listed the big issues it would like to see a fresh government deal with: reducing regional inequality across our country, giving every young person the skills they need to succeed, and to tackle the climate emergency.
“This may be a winter election but it must bring a spring thaw to our frozen economy. It offers a one-off chance to break the gridlock that has blighted our country for over three years – we urge politicians on all sides to take it,” said CBI Director-General Carolyn Fairbairn.

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