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Dell sets out ambitions for a better world

Firm is looking to use the next ten years to improve the fortunes of millions and get the channel delivering as a service and more automation

For the past few years most of the talk of targets and defining moments has been centered on 2020 but as that moment draws near some in the industry are looking to make 2030 the next staging post on the journey towards change.

The themes that the channel can expect to hear about over the next few years are the sort of ones being shared by Michael Dell and fellow executives at the vendor’s Technologies Summit.

The key to it all is the ongoing explosion of data, fueled by technologies like 5G and the edge, which has the potential to shake-up how the IT world operates and how customers transform their businesses. The term “data decade” is the way that the vendor is looking at the next ten years.

But it is not just about reacting to the increasing flow of information but is about changing existing approaches to sustainability and gender diversity. Dell is also keen to improve the lives of 1bn people using technology.

At the coalface the channel is going to be delivering the as a service model and getting to grips with the autonomous infrastructure.

“Unlocking the power of data will advance humanity more than any other force over the next decade,” said Michael Dell chairman and CEO, Dell Technologies. “We are committed to making that power broadly available to communities around the world, so we can all move forward together.”

The channel is going to be one of the key parts of the jigsaw delivering on those ambitions with Karen Quintos, chief customer officer at Dell Technologies, talking about how the firm can work across its ecosystem.

“By combining our technology portfolio, global scale, team member talent and customer partnerships, we can drive significant positive impact. Our 2030 agenda is comprehensive and deeply embedded across the business. The moonshot goals stretch us to go far beyond incremental change. In some cases, we’re still working to uncover how we’ll get there – but we know that significant change and innovation starts with deep commitment,” she said.

Dell's 2030 goals


  • Recycle an equivalent product for every product a customer buys
  • Lead the circular economy with more than half of all product content being made from recycled or renewable material
  • Use 100% recycled or renewable material in all packaging
  • Deliver future-ready skills development for workers in their supply chain
  • Drive a comprehensive science-based climate program, setting emissions goals across facilities, supply chain and operations to customer use of our products including partnering with suppliers to meet a greenhouse gas emissions reduction target of 60% per unit revenue by 2030


  • Acquire, develop and retain women so they account for 50% of the company’s global workforce and 40% of global people managers
  • Acquire, develop and retain black/African American and Hispanic team members so they account for 25% of the company’s U.S. workforce and 15% of U.S. people managers
  • Educate 95% of all team members on an annual basis about unconscious bias, harassment, micro-aggressions and privilege


  • Advance the health, education and economic opportunity of 1 billion people
  • Digitally transform 1,000 nonprofit organizations

The vendor has also used the summit to talk about On Demand, which provides a range of as a Service offerings that cover PCs, servers and its PowerOne autonomous infrastructure, which combines compute, storage, networking and virtualisation into a single system. This is being made available to its 2,000 plus channel partners.

“The multi-cloud world is here and will only grow, which means customers need on-demand and consistent infrastructure that yield predictable outcomes across all of their clouds, data centers and edge locations,” said Jeff Clarke, vice chairman, Dell Technologies.

“Dell Technologies On Demand makes it possible for organizations to plan, deploy and manage their entire IT footprint. They can choose how they consume and pay for IT solutions that meet their needs with the freedom and flexibility to evolve as their needs change over time,” he added.

The growth in cloud, the increases of data generated at the edge and the prospect of 5G adding some rocket fuel to that are just some of the talking points that are swirling around the vendor’s summit.

“The opportunities ahead of us are incredible the next ten years will allow us to use data to drive outcomes that we have not seen before,” said Jen Felch Chief Digital Officer and CIO, Dell Technologies.

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