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Forcepoint using platinum and services to up consultancy levels

Security player is adding more depth to its channel programme with a couple of enhancements

Forcepoint has continued to evolve its partner progammes with a couple of enhancements coming just six months after the security player launched its updated ecosystem. 

The firm is adding more muscle with its platinum and accredited services partner programmes with the aim of getting a greater number of resellers in a position to deliver consultancy services and guide users through digital transformation challenges. 

Platinum level will initially be made available to a limited number of partners over the next couple of months before being rolled out to greater numbers next year. Making the grade will trigger a raft of benefits including sales and marketing support and joint go to market initiatives.  

The accredited services partner programme has also been rolled out for those in the channel that want to take training and gain certifications to demonstrate their security expertise. Those that hit the mark will get access to the vendor's services support community.  

"[This] underscores Forcepoint’s commitment to delivering our global partners a future path for success. Cybersecurity has become an industry disrupted as legacy OEM players slow to adapt to today’s cloud-first world are facing an uncertain future,” said Oni Chakravartti, global vice president of channel sales, Forcepoint. 

“Forcepoint’s new initiatives were developed with a focus on creating a frictionless channel comprised of a world-class network of highly enabled partners, Close alignment between partner and vendor is key, and we aim to remove barriers for a seamlessly integrated partner network. It is via this network we will help our customers take advantage of the growth opportunities presented by digital transformation," added Chakravartti. 

Back in April , Forcepoint announced it was developing a partner ecosystem  designed to help the vendor’s partners lean on the firm's expertise and the alliances it had struck in the industry to get more resources around public cloud, data classification, identity and access management. 

"Forcepoint is empowering our partners to amplify our world-class services and support to ensure customers’ business success through their digital transformation journey and beyond," said Forcepoint CEO Matthew Moynahan. 

“Forcepoint’s behavior-based approach to security delivers enterprises a new capability for mitigating today’s modern, evolving threats. Our new reality is that attackers are easily getting access to critical corporate resources and data that can cause irreparable harm to a business and its brand," he added. 

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