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Forcepoint directs partners to digital transformation opportunities

Security player highlights the key role the channel has to play in helping customers de-risk their digital transformation projects

Forcepoint has highlighted the opportunities security resellers can take advantage of as customers look for help de-risking their digital transformation projects.

Security issues remain one of the highest concerns for those customers trying to free their data from corporate silos with Zscaler warning last month in its Digital Transformation Report 2019, that fears over data integrity are paramount in the UK, along with worries about connecting remotely, using unsecured networks and unmanaged devices.

Others in the industry echo those findings but see the current situation as one that presents significant opportunities to those in the channel with security knowledge.

"Customers are on digital transformation journeys and partners are able to add really good value. Cyber security is what they need," said Matt Bruun, regional vice president at Forcepoint.

"Partners have a huge role to play in understanding the customer environment," he added "Customers are struggling with it with CEOs that expect to access data on any device but they want to do that securely."

It has been just over a month since security player Forcepoint rolled out changes to its partner ecosystem and Bruun said that it was keen to put more investment behind those partners that rallied behind the vendor.

"We want to stay close to the partners that have invested in us and we will invest more resource in them," he added that distribution, Nuvias, Arrow and e92Plus were also playing a key role skilling up more partners, "We have made an investment to develop that part of the channel so more will over time become focused partners."

"There are a lot of partners out there and a huge amount of expertise working with distribution. We want to help develop the next wave of partners," he said.

The partner ecosystem that was announced last month was designed to help Forcepoint partners lean on the firm's expertise and the alliances it had struck in the industry to get more resources around public cloud, data classification, identity and access management.

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