Goodbye Daisy Partner Services and hello Allvotec

Daisy Partner Services is to be rebranded and given more independence as voice and data specialist Allvotec

Those that work with Daisy Partner Services will be using this morning to update their contact details with the firm undergoing a rebrand to Allvotec.

The new name stands for all voice and technology and is a business that will focus on IT and unified comms with 1,400 staff and revenues around £100m. The firm is still owned by Matt Riley, the powerhouse behind Daisy, but will operate as an independent company with Daisy group becoming one of its top five customers.

The firm operates with a 'partner only' model that gives it the opportunity to work with resellers, VARs and SIs that want some help delivering converged services to users and are looking to team up with a provider that can supply the expertise to complete the sale.

Daisy Partner Services has already established decades of experience in the market and had been delivering expertise around 12 key areas, including mobile, lines and calls, managed services, contact centre, LAN, security and wifi.

“It’s an exciting time to be launching a new name in the IT and technology services marketplace, with Allvotec,” said Allvotec CEO, Glen Williams.

“Our scale and versatility make us the perfect choice for any services company needing a capable partner with nationwide coverage and over 30 years of experience,” he added “The thing that makes Allvotec unique is our “partner-only” customer approach and this, coupled with our strong customer base and proven delivery capability, perfectly positions us to take advantage of the numerous partnering opportunities that exist within the UK market today."

This is the second major rebrand at the Daisy Group in just a matter of weeks with the firm combining its wholesale, distribution and worldwide operations into a single operation, Digital Wholesale Solutions, back in April.

The firm also revealed that the Wholesale Solutions business would be given free reign to operate independently from the rest of Daisy to make sure it can put its full focus on partners.

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