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Alibaba Cloud continues to expand partner ecosystem

The cloud player continues to sign up partners as it gets ready to bring the message to the UK

Alibaba Cloud has continued to expand its EMEA partner base as the firm continues to build on the plans it revealed last year to increase the number of firms it works with.

Last year the firm cut the ribbon on its EMEA Ecosystem Partner Programme and started to reach out across the industry to develop more relationships.

Having opened a couple of UK availability the firm made it clear that it would be offering services around cloud computing, data platforms and security making them available to vertical markets.

The latest tranche of names signing up to work with the cloud giant include Cloud Temple, Equinix, EVA Group, Groupe Cyllene, GTI Software & Networking, PROJIXI Europe, SKALE-5, SMILE, and Xebia.

Those working with Alibaba get a chance to expand their presence in China as well as getting the chance to lean on the firm's knowledge of e-commerce and retail.

“We believe in leveraging our partners’ strengths to create a strong ecosystem for technologies and solution offerings,” said Yeming Wang, general manager, Alibaba Cloud EMEA. “By offering our state-of-the art cloud infrastructure and advanced data intelligence services, together with our partners, we hope to accelerate companies’ digital transformation, and help them succeed globally in markets especially in China.”

The latest nine partnerships have been unveiled at an event the firm is holding in Paris, where it also outlined plans to support students at the SUPINFO International University looking to increase their skills in IT and computer sciences.

Those in the UK channel that might be wondering why there were not more recognisable names to those operating here will get the chance to rectify that next month. Alibaba Cloud will be holding a partner ecosystem summit in the UK and Germany in June with the aim of getting more interest from players operating in those countries.

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