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Cohesity reaches out to ISVs

The storage player has launched an app market place and increased the support it can offer developers

Storage player Cohesity has increased the options for independent software vendors making APIs and tools available and launching its MarketPlace.

The vendor is putting its own apps on the MarketPlace as well as some third party offerings from Splunk, SentinelOne, Clam Anti-Virus and Imanis Data.

But it is also expecting the ISV community to get involved and is doing what it can to tempt their involvement with a new software developer kit, APIs and tools for developers.

“We are taking the same approach as the smartphone in providing the ability to run and manage multiple applications on the same platform with a single UI, and we are helping customers solve mass data fragmentation challenges at the same time,” said Mohit Aron, CEO and founder, Cohesity.

“Empowering users to build and run applications directly on the Cohesity DataPlatform paves the way for a dramatically simpler and more efficient approach to infrastructure,” he added.

The apps that the vendor is putting into the MarketPlace from the off include the Insight data search tool, the Spotlight app that charts modifications to file data and EasyScript, which makes it easier to upload, execute and manage scripts.

Cohesity is hoping that customers will like the ability to run additional features on the same platform that already deals with backups and unstructured data.

The storage firm has been tweaking the services it can offer the channel, with an expansion to the partner programme rolled out in October,  providing more training and marketing support. The firm has also struck relationships with some of the household names in the UK channel as it expands its reseller base.

Speaking to MicroScope last month, Johannes Kunz, head of channel sales EMEA at Cohesity, said that it recognised the way that the market landscape was changing.

"Services are becoming more important to partners and we enable our partners to take the platform and offer services to clients," Kunz added "We want to make sure that the partner is making good margin."

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