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Exclusive Group increases cloud training options with Arcitura Education

The distributor has been signed up to provide cloud training from Arcitura Education

Exclusive Group has been signed up to deliver Arcitura Education’s cloud certified professional accreditation programme with the aim of getting a larger number of resellers up to speed with their cloud skills.

The distributor will be offering the training adding some muscle to its Cloud Competency Centre and aims to get more resellers in a position where they can plug the skill gaps being suffered by customers.

The courses are designed to cover basic and advanced competencies, including Cloud Technology Professional, Cloud Architect and Certified Cloud Security Specialist.

“Channel partners can’t afford to lose their market edge through a lack of cloud competency – they need new skills to complement their experience and technology knowledge so that customers carry on seeing them as relevant to their future,” said Andre Dieball, global director, services at Exclusive Group.

“70-80% of enterprises are experiencing cloud skills crises that risk crucial transformation projects going over time and over budget. These projects, collectively worth billions of dollars every year, need independent, vendor-neutral cloud skills that do not favour one cloud platform or vendor over another," he added.

Earlier today research from the Cloud Industry Forum indicated that customers were struggling with skills and the onus was on the channel to plug the gap and for vendors to increase the available support.

“It is more important than ever to establish a clear, unambiguous and vendor-neutral understanding of cloud computing across organisations, project teams and professionals. Such knowledge puts everyone on the same page, thereby reducing risk and significantly increasing revenue potential," said CEO of Arcitura Education, Thomas Erl.

“Our message is, don’t get left behind – buy into the Cloud Competency Centre now and take the opportunity, for yourselves and your customers, to acquire industry-recognized cloud computing skills and accreditations," he added.

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