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CensorNet makes return to distribution

Security player decides the time is right to return to a two-tier model in the UK channel space

CensorNet has opted to return to a two-tier channel model appointing Infinigate as its UK distributor after establishing a relationship with the firm on the continent.

The UK has been an exception to the two-tier model that has been run by the security vendor across EMEA and ends a one year spell when the firm operated with a single tier.

Matt Cross, sales director at CensorNet, said that it recognised the value that distribution could bring and would be using the partnership to manage its exiting channel base as well as using it as a springboard for further expansion.

"We had distribution about a year ago and did start with distribution but we stopped because it wasn't delivering what we needed," he added "We did go single tier for a while but made the decision that it was important for us to go back to two-tier."

"There are absolute benefits to two-tier channel and it gives us scale and acceleration and driving the partners and we were using Infinigate in other regions and that relationship was going well and we were getting good success there," he said.

Cross said that Inifigate would be helping support training and marketing efforts for partners and would help onboard more resellers.

"We  can know how important partners are we know there is no way we can achieve our goals without partners so its important to keep them close to us and informed but that gets challenging the bigger you become and there is no doubt distribution can help there," he added.

Murray Pearce, managing director, Infinigate UK, said that CensorNet had a track record of being target friendly and it was keen to take the firm's offering out to market.

"CensorNet fits perfectly with our desire to bring innovative solutions to our partners, its Unified Security Service platform is very well positioned as customers increasingly adopt cloud security services," he said.

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