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Mann back in charge as ECSC enjoys GDPR affect

The cyber security firm has welcomed back its former CEO as it looks to build on an improving first half

In the run up to the arrival of GDPR there was a strong belief that the requirement for customers to get their data protected would lead to revenue opportunities for the channel.

Now three months and a couple of weeks on from the arrival of the EU data regulations there are signs that those providing services in this area have seen an impact on the bottom line.

Last month data protection Egress Software delivered strong first half year numbers thanks to customers looking for answers to their GDPR problems and ECSC Group has echoed that trend with its interim numbers for the six months to 30 June.

Revenues increased by 43% to £2.65m with consulting services up by 36% and managed services increasing by 52%. The firm trimmed its pre-tax losses by half to £817,000.

There was slightly more to the ECSC numbers than just illustrating the financial benefits of providing GDPR services, with a change also coming at the top of the organisation.

ECSC founder Ian Mann has be re-appointed as CEO and got the chance to talk about the progress the cyber security player had made in H1. He had stepped down from running the Bradford-based firm back in April but always remained an employee and last month had rejoined the board.

"We are pleased to report our revenue growth, with particular emphasis on our managed services recurring revenue. New client acquisitions and conversion to recurring revenues is a powerful combination to deliver growth and exploit the post-GDPR regulatory environment," he said.

"I am delighted to be resuming the role of chief executive officer and look forward to meeting with investors to discuss our progress and strategy in the next few weeks," he added.

In its investor presentation ECSC highlighted reacting to post-GDPR fines as one of the main areas it expected future growth to come from.

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