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Software and services suppliers face portfolio challenge

Making sure that everyone understands the full range of technology and services that are on offer is a challenge for vendors as well as for their channel partners states TechMarketView

One the constant themes in the vendor world is the desire for channel partners to take more the portfolio and pitch it to customers.

But the challenge getting to grips with a portfolio that has been expanded through organic development and acquisition is also something that causes vendors headaches.

One the conclusions in the latest UK SITS Market Trends and Forecasts 2018 report from TechMarketView is that there is plenty opportunity for those selling software and services but getting on top of the proposition and channel partner bases is an issue.

"The biggest problem suppliers face is getting to grips with their own offerings. As their portfolios morph, as they take on a broader array of partners, and as they bolt on digital acquisitions, front-line sales people and account managers can struggle to understand and articulate their organisations’ capabilities," stated Georgina O’Toole, chief analyst at TechMarketView.

"Communicating (to both IT and non-IT decisions makers) the digital boundaries the organisation is breaking needs to be a top priority to secure new wins and renewals," she added.

The other issue that the SITS industry is dealing with is trying to keep up with changes as product areas blur into each other.

O'Toole said that traditional market boundaries are being tested more than ever and that an impact on the market.

"The change is both market and supplier-driven. True digital transformation involves all elements of SITS; investment in one area can necessitate improvements in another," she said.

The positive side of the current fluidity is that vendors previously pidgeon holed in one area can now strike out and sell to a broader customer base.

But clearly making sure both they and their partners are able to sing from the same song sheet is going to be one of the main challenges for the rest of this year.

TechMarketView expects that tough market conditions that delivered 1.6% growth last year will continue, with 2018 also likely to produce sub 2% improvements.

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