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Impartner strengthens partner relationship management portfolio

The PRM specialist has made an acquisition that will give it more muscle in the social media space

Channel partner relationship management specialist Impartner has given its portfolio more depth with the acquisition of Tremelo Software.

UK-based Tremelo will give the firm a couple of social features that should appeal to those vendors looking to spread messaging about programmes and activities across a reseller base.

Tremelo adds NewsOnDemand, which can automate newsletters to partners and SocialOnDemand, a tool to allow resellers to syndicate vendor content and share it across social media.

“For vendors to have more powerful relationships with their partners they must both be able to communicate with them precisely and easily, but also make it easy for partners to amplify their brand messages,” said Impartner CEO Joe Wang.

“This acquisition is part of Impartner's ongoing commitment to help our customers streamline communications with their partners and turbocharge their indirect sales by providing the most complete set of channel management solutions available in the market," he added.

The other benefit of the deal is the greater European footprint it will give Impartner and the access to skilled engineers.

Olivier Choron, founder and CEO of Tremelo, said that the firm had been operating for a decade, firstly under the name purechannelapps, and had worked with many of the large vendors and distributors.

He said that the tie-up would give it a chance to work with a firm that had been working hard to shake-up the channel management software industry.

"This acquisition is a powerful accelerant that will only help amplify that transition and extend our reach globally," he said.

Impartner has been banging the drum loudly over the past 18 months about the need for partner relationship management and told MicroScope recently at Cloud Expo that vendors had to start using technology to improve partner communication.

"I spoke to one vendor that had about 100 to 150 partners but only really understood what was happening with the top 10 because that's where they could focus on the relationships," said Dave Taylor, chief marketing officer at Impartner, back in March.

"People are looking for one type of competitive edge. Making the most out of the partnerships you already have is such a no brainer," he added.

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