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October 2023

SCC sets course on defining DSSP evolution

SCC has set its sights on establishing itself as a digital services player, with last week’s acquisition of Nimble a key plank of that strategy. The channel player has seen customers work increasingly with digital consultants to advise them on their adoption of more services and technologies, and has said it wants to put itself in a position to scoop up that business. Christine Olmsted, corporate development and strategy director at SCC, said the route to customers was evolving and the business wanted to get ahead of those changes. “You’ll see a convergence in our industry over time. Even firms that have always traditionally focused on the very pointy end of strategy are coming down the food chain into the build and integrate layers of things. Infrastructure firms are coming up that layer and we’re all going to meet in the middle,” she said. “What that means for us at SCC is being on the front foot in that transformation of our industry. This is a move for us that signals not a change in our strategy, but an expansion of our ...

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