• December 02, 2010 02 Dec'10

    Are the anti virus companies anti social?

    If you can't trust the security companies, who can you trust? Some security companies short-change customers by cutting short their anti-virus protection subscriptions without their customers knowing, we suspect.  Continue Reading

  • December 02, 2010 02 Dec'10

    Time for more "Adventures in Baggs!"

    As Lord Sugar's annual publicity stunt rolls unstoppably towards its terrifying conclusion, last night saw The Brand, or Herr Baggs as he is now popularly known, team up with Jamie and Chris, the other remaining boys, in the Apprentice's annual no ...  Continue Reading

  • December 02, 2010 02 Dec'10

    Large government suppliers told to treat SMEs as equals

    The government has warned major IT suppliers that the days of big contracts are over with a determination not to repeat the mistakes of the past and told them that should not look down on smaller rivals.  Continue Reading