• April 09, 2010 09 Apr'10

    Managing assets in a virtual world

    IT managers need complete visibility of physical and virtual assets for control over costs and licensing, writes Matt Fisher, director of FrontRange Solutions With organisations increasingly investing in virtualisation, asset management is no ...  Continue Reading

  • April 08, 2010 08 Apr'10

    HP UK PSG boss quits after four months in charge

    Hewlett-Packard is again on the hunt for someone to lead its PC business in the UK after it emerged current incumbent Gordon Ballantyne has quit to join Australian telco Telstra. He only became UK and Ireland vice president for the personal systems...  Continue Reading

  • April 08, 2010 08 Apr'10

    FAST welcomes anti-piracy Digital Economy Bill

    The Digital Economy Bill might have been passed through the House of Commons but the controversy surrounding the attempts by the government to prevent illegal file downloading is rumbling on. Throughout the day there have been reactions from ...  Continue Reading

  • April 07, 2010 07 Apr'10

    Huawei mulls potential Motorola bid

    Shot down in 2008 in an attempt to link up with 3Com, Chinese networking vendor Huawei is now reportedly eyeing up Motorola's network business as the venerable US-based tech firm prepares to break up early next year. Earlier in the week Motorola...  Continue Reading

  • April 07, 2010 07 Apr'10

    Wi-fi problems highlighted after iPad launch

    With the iPad launch in the UK just weeks away the arrival of the product in the US has been undermined by technical problems with wi-fi signals. There is a mounting consensus among those that spend their time watching Apple that the iPad will ...  Continue Reading

  • April 07, 2010 07 Apr'10

    Office 2010 will provide resellers with cloud options

    Microsoft is pitching its forthcoming release of Office 2010 as a way of introducing SMEs to the reality of cloud computing. Office 2010 is being released in June, but has already seen 7m beta downloads globally, with the option of parts of the ...  Continue Reading

  • April 07, 2010 07 Apr'10

    Avaya adds Nortel kit to 0% financing offer

    Avaya and its in-house financial services outfit are trying to drum up some new business through a six-month extension of their 0% financing offer. Avaya is also expanding the range available under the scheme to cover the Nortel Enterprise ...  Continue Reading

  • April 06, 2010 06 Apr'10

    CA to cull 1,000 jobs

    CA is showing the door to 1,000 employees as part of a cost-cutting and restructuring drive announced today. In a statement lodged with the SEC today, the IT management software vendor also revealed plans to consolidate some of its global ...  Continue Reading

  • April 06, 2010 06 Apr'10

    Trend Micro appoints Arrow ECS to reach virtualisation channel

    In a move aimed at exploiting the closer links between security and virtualisation Trend Micro has appointed Arrow Enterprise Computing Solutions to its UK distribution line-up. Arrow ECS joins Sphinx and Computerlinks on the distribution roster ...  Continue Reading

  • April 06, 2010 06 Apr'10

    MicroScope ACEs Golf Challenge reaches quarter final stage

    The MicroScope ACEs Golf Challenge in association with VADition and Fortinet has reached the quarter final stage. The final eight competitors have emerged after the original field of 76, which entered the competition last November, have been ...  Continue Reading

  • April 06, 2010 06 Apr'10

    Carbon Reduction compliance catches firms unaware

    The industry is calling for more clarification over the impact of the government's little-publicised Carbon Reduction Commitment cap-and-trade scheme, which came into effect on 1 April. The scheme initially affects anybusinessesusing over ...  Continue Reading

  • April 06, 2010 06 Apr'10

    Software piracy seen as 'acceptable' by a third of users

    As MPs start to debate the Digital Economy Bill and move to bring into law measures to prevent piracy Microsoft has revealed the widespread extent of user indifference to respecting intellectual property. The software vendor has taken the wraps off...  Continue Reading

  • April 06, 2010 06 Apr'10

    MPs debate Digital Economy Bill today

    by Ian Grant MPs go to the Commons today for the second reading of the controversial Digital Economy Bill. Among other things, the bill will allow websites to be blocked and internet users to be cut off for alleged online copyright infringements....  Continue Reading