• What is a document?

    You probably think that a document is something that can only be paper based. However, a recent ruling involving HMRC in pursuit of their powers to examine had led to the courts interpreting documents to include computers, ipods and iPhones.  Continue Reading

  • Checking out cheques

    If you are a business that still accepts cheques as a method of payment, so long as a cheque guarantee card is supplied, you need to be aware of the withdrawal of the cheque guarantee card scheme from the end of June this year.  Continue Reading

  • Apple overtakes Microsoft on revenue and profit

    A landmark of sorts was reached this month when Apple overtook Microsoft in terms of revenue and profits in the respective companies' most recent quarterly financial results. The difference in the figures from a revenue perspective are quite ...  Continue Reading

  • Offshore tax evaders

    HM Revenue & Customs is reminding tax evaders hiding money offshore that they can now face new penalties of up to 200 per cent. Penalties for offshore non-compliance - for income tax and capital gains tax - will now be linked to the tax transparency...  Continue Reading