• T-Mobile has more flip-flops than Primark

    As frequent Network Noise readers might recall, at the start of the year there was a bit of a conniption when T-Mobile abruptly dropped its already not-very-generous mobile data usage limits to ludicrous levels, only to back down after being roundly...  Continue Reading

  • Mobile recording is a nightmare, but it could come Tru

    As any readers of CityAm know, the FSA says all fixed line AND mobile calls have to be recorded. If all Freddie Goodwin's mobile phone conversations are not available for inspection by the auditors, then HBoS's may be forced to hand its banking ...  Continue Reading

  • Five minute interview: Philippos Nikiforou, MailQuatro

    This week, MicroScope puts its questions to Philippos Nikiforou, founder of hosted business email specialist MailQuatro. What is the best/worst advice you have received and from whom? Best advice ever received: work when others sleep, from my high ...  Continue Reading

  • Call for evidence

    The Löfstedt Review into health and safety legislation, announced by the Government in March, has issued a call for evidence, inviting views from all interested parties on the scope for reducing the burden of health and safety regulation on UK ...  Continue Reading