• Olympic Workforce?

    With the Olympics less than a year away, employers should start thinking about writing a specific Olympics policy to deal with requests for leave as well as any unauthorised absences.  Continue Reading

  • More personal liability for directors

    Pre-pack sales of failed businesses are a major irritant to all concerned, not least because of the appearance that the failed business can "dump" its debt and the buyers can start the same business all over again, debt-free, under a new company.  Continue Reading

  • iOS5 and iCloud upgrade is a painful process

    There was a lot of hype around iCloud and the launch of iOS5 yesterday. They were bringing lots of wonderful features for Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users, far too many for me to list here.  Continue Reading

  • How would you spin the Blackberry downtime?

    It's tragic how fate is treating RIM. Blackberry was the standard bearer for mobile computing and now these difficulties threaten to destroy RIM. Even distinguished figures such as Piers Morgan are taking to twitter to condemn the service.  Continue Reading