• Meet John Chambers, Huawei's new marketing star

    MicroScope has long been a fan of Cisco CEO John Chambers. We admire him for, among other things, his easy-going manner, his old school Southern charm and his willingness to be outspoken and candid when it comes to the big issues of the day.  Continue Reading

  • Column: Cash in the Static

    Dead Social allows you to keep posting up messages after you're dead. Technically speaking, you must load them onto the system before you start flatlining, but these postings can be timed to appear whenever is apposite.  Continue Reading

  • Booze-fuelled BlackBerry stabbing caps off rotten week at RIM

    As if it wasn't bad enough that ill-considered comments from CEO Thorsten Heims led last week to panicked headlines about RIM being on the verge of quitting the consumer business, a violent incident at a vendor event in London has covered the cake ...  Continue Reading

  • The three Cs of cloud computing

    Ian Moyse, recently appointed UK sales director at web-based CRM vendorWorkbooks.com, shares his perspective on the cloud. Cloud is the big 'C' word in the channel right now, posing 'C'onflict, 'C'onfusion and ‘C'hallenges to the status quo.  Continue Reading

  • The return of the payphone

    So often neglected and easily ignored in this mobile-driven age, could the humble payphone be set for a resurgence? Comms disite Nimans is counting on it, and has signed an exclusive agreement with payphone vendor Solitaire to offer the UK's first ...  Continue Reading