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MSP Day 2018 - Only the beginning

Jason Howells, EMEA Director, Barracuda MSP, shares his views about building on the success of the first MSP Day

Why we needed MSP Day

Managed services are seeing exponential levels growth globally and are set to reach a market value $257.84B by 2022. As a result, we felt that we needed to celebrate the impact Managed Services is having on businesses around the UK and kick start a movement for its continued growth into the future. MSP Day marks a date in the diary where competitors can become collaborators, sharing success, practices and insights in an effort to amplify the experience for UK based businesses using managed IT services.

MSP Day is not just a marketing campaign, it’s a movement and an opportunity to create an interactive and connected community with the united purpose making Managed Services more understandable, trustworthy and significant.


What we learnt from MSP Day 2018

MSP Day began with The Evolving landscape the MSP Business report, created in collaboration with independent industry analyst Clive Longbottom. The research provides readers with an understanding, from the perspective both UK based SMEs and resellers, the opportunities and challenges currently shaping the managed IT services space. Some which include:


  • 95% the channel are offering managed services and 83% of SMEs are using them.
  • Managed services were highlighted by the channel as the number 1 revenue opportunity for both 2018 and 2019.


  • Despite widespread use use of managed services, adoption remains narrow 
  • The lack of trust. This is one of the bigger challenges facing the growth of Managed Services. 83% of SMEs stated this is the reason they won’t use managed services to handle their data.

Although our own MSP Day 2018 research highlighted in many ways a positive outlook within the MSP industry, we found that there is still far more work to be done, with narrow adoption and a lack of trust amongst some within the SME community.

But clearly there’s plenty of opportunity for MSPs and the channel overall. More completely integrated, business-focused offerings pulling together more services while combining the discrete and demonstrable skills of the MSP itself around domain and technical expertise will raise the bar. Through best practice setting an example, and as long as services are marketed correctly to the right people within the SME community, the future for managed services could be bright.


The Future of MSP Day

So, now that we put a stake in the ground, we want MSP Day to continue to grow year on year. 23rd May 2019- remember that date! In the meantime we’re going to be working away to make sure that the next MSP Day is bigger and better.

Between now and MSP Day 2019, we’ll be collaborating with multiple parties and getting together in working groups to discuss  future opportunities and how Managed Services can continue to evolve  to the benefit of the consumer.

We have set ourselves a goal, by next year we would have build on the momentum that we’ve already created and aim to have a larger, thriving and diverse community, packed with a variety of people from industry experts to casual subscribers who have a genuine interest in managed services.  We want to bring the MSP Day movement to different events around the UK, allowing the community to interact in a direct environment, full of fun, interesting and knowledgeable debate. The underlying aim is MSP Day will act as a catalyst in helping the world further understand, appreciate and value Managed Services. 

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