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Training in key areas being offered to resellers

The year is just a few days old and already vendors are making sure that the channel can get access to training to support some of the key areas

The channel has always valued training and the year has started with resellers being offered a couple of options to help them prepare to help customers in some of the key areas of compliance and networking.

Vendors and distributors are expected to help resellers get into a position to understand and deploy the latest technologies and have a well-established track record delivering support.

Just before the end of last year Tech Data revealed that it had been named as a top 20 IT training company in a list put together by the Training Industry. The distributor provides training in 60 countries, including right across Europe.

The distie is not alone in making sure channel skills can be maintained and already moves are being made to ensure resellers are up to speed.



The countdown to the introduction of the European wide data protection regulations is getting ever closer and customers are looking to the channel to guide them through the process of becoming compliant.

ESET is cranking up the training it offers resellers in this areas and has put more than 100 partners through a course that focuses on the security requirements that the regulations are bringing in from May.

“ESET offers training to its partners regardless of revenue or location. If you can get to the training, ESET will train you on technical aspects, sales or on specific products and features that will help you deliver value back to your customers," stated an ESET spokesperson.



Exertis has been authorised by Netgear to run training for resellers and customers with the distributor initially running some quarterly training days to configure and manage the vendor's smart managed switches.

"Their smart switches are typically targeted at small to medium sized businesses and this course will enable resellers to confidently deploy and service their customers’ networking infrastructure with a Netgear product. The one-day course offers both theory and practical guidance delivered by an Exertis technical training consultant with real-world experience of deploying, configuring and supporting the Netgear portfolio," said Ian Gilbey, Exertis technical services director.

Kieran Purdie, systems engineer at Netgear, said that it had given the distributor the chance to add more training to its reseller options because it was looking for someone who could offer both the education and the support around implementation.

"Netgear needed a delivery partner who has the capability to not only educate but enable and empower partners on our innovative networking solutions. With Exertis enterprise services and their dedicated team of vendor accredited support and pre- and post-sales engineers, we believe we have found the right distribution partner with real expertise to deliver true value add services endorsed and backed by Netgear," said Purdie.

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