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Infinidat hands partners increased flash array options

Vendor takes on board channel feedback in devising its latest generation of flash arrays

Infinidat is expecting its latest G4 range of storage products to provide the channel with some of the features they have been looking for.

The vendor has taken on board partner feedback and is rolling out its latest flash storage arrays in a number of capacity options, with security built in, and integration with Microsoft Azure and VMware environments.

Infinidat is also adding the products to the range of options that can be delivered by partners as storage as a service.

Eric Herzog, chief marketing officer at Infinidat, said it had taken partner feedback on board and was delivering a product range that ticked a lot of those boxes.

“We talked to the end users, channel partners and storage analysts, and got feedback from them,” he said.

“We got feedback from partners in Europe and the US that we had a capacity gap,” said Herzog. “Customers are asking for it. And you don’t have it with your bigger hybrid. You don’t have it with all flash. So, we added it in ... that’s a perfect example of where we responded to some partners.”

He said the capacity options, starting at 155TB, are just one of the features that should appeal to its partner base. “The big thing is a brand-new array platform, the G4 family, that’s up to twice as fast as a third generation and offers a new opportunity for them,” said Herzog.

Lower price point

He added that the various capacity options meant it could come in at a lower price point, and that would also benefit the channel. “The [other point to highlight] is clearly all the cyber stuff,” said Herzog. “Integrating with cybersecurity software packages allows them to sell it together. It allows them to create a professional services contract.”

He said it would also help the channel pitch reduced costs and help users on the sustainability front. “Because of the new platforms and this new performance, this will help even better with workload consolidation,” said Herzog. “This means less floor space, less power, less cooling, better on the greenhouse gas and better on cost, because our cooling costs money.”

The firm shared the responses from partners that saw the potential with G4 to bolster their storage pitches.

Liam Mugford, head of partner development at CMS Distribution, said the vendor was going in the right direction.

“The enterprise storage solutions provider is dramatically expanding its offering with a next-generation storage solution, as well as laying out a multi-phase plan to take its InfiniVerse platform to greater heights,” he said.

“The new InfiniSafe Automated Cyber Protection solution is on-point for today’s cyber threat landscape, and Infinidat’s expansion of support for hybrid, multi-cloud environments, with its addition of Microsoft Azure support, is exactly what’s needed.”

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