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SailPoint cuts ribbon on MSP programme

Security player keen to get partners to solve more customer identity-related challenges

Security player SailPoint has cut the ribbon on a managed service provider (MSP) programme to support more sales of its cloud services.

The vendor has launched the MSP option to encourage more to handle its Identity Security Cloud offering.

Select partners will be given the opportunity to sell the product and the vendor is hoping that the option of working with a skilled MSP will encourage some users to avoid trying to handle complex security in-house.

“In today’s dynamic threat landscape, identity risk cannot be siloed and requires comprehensive identity security expertise coupled with a solution that provides holistic oversight across all enterprise identities and their access,” said Dave Schwartz, senior vice-president of global partnerships at SailPoint.

“Our MSP offering frees customers up to focus on their core business objectives by allowing them to leverage our certified partners to manage their identity programme, rather than scrambling to fill a widening identity talent and resource gap on their own,” he added.

“Our MSP offering frees customers up to focus on their core business objectives by allowing them to leverage our certified partners to manage their identity programme”
Dave Schwartz, SailPoint

Schwartz said the MSP programme would benefit those partners selected to join its ranks and make life easier for customers.

“The resulting impact on our customers, and the partners we select to drive our MSP programme, is clear. We’re enabling customers to ground their identity programme in SailPoint’s technology with world-class support from their MSP partner to keep the programme running smoothly. And we’re enabling our MSP partners to deliver and white-label manage SailPoint Identity Security Cloud to companies worldwide, driving new revenue streams for their businesses while broadening SailPoint’s global footprint,” he added.

SailPoint views MSPs as best placed to help guide customers through their identity security challenges and add value with a wider solution that ensures they are protected from the most up-to-date threats.

Representing MSPs that will work with the vendor, Paul Bedi, founder and CEO of IDMWORKS, said making users aware there is a channel alternative to struggling alone would make a positive impact.

“This initiative empowers customers by alleviating the necessity of employing costly internal resources, allowing them to dedicate their focus to enhancing their end-user programme rather than expending valuable time on operational matters,” he said.

“We have a mature managed services offering today, and the new programme gives us a SailPoint certification that hasn’t existed before. We can increase our range of services while maintaining licence ownership, and offer programmatic, dedicated resources to all our customers.”

Damon McDougald, global security digital identity lead at Accenture, was also upbeat about the programme, pointing out that SailPoint’s customers expect it to deliver advanced security solutions to solve their problems and “achieve operational resilience”.

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