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Sabio urges structured approach to using AI to improve CX

Channel player grasps the potential of the technology, but advises a thoughtful roll-out if it’s going to hit the mark

Customer experience (CX) specialist Sabio is advising the channel to take a calculated approach to using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve its user interactions.

After an initial rush of interest, anecdotal warnings around tools such as ChatGPT offering mixed results have filtered through to the channel.

“You can tell when marketing or support is being done with ChatGPT, it just doesn’t feel natural and the customers can tell the difference,” said one source that has backed off from using the tool.

There’s no doubt AI is a useful technology, but the need for channel expertise remains. Sabio is sharing its ebook, Revolutionising the customer experience, to provide some guidance around the topic.

The channel player is advising a structured approach, built around accessing data, to ensure the technology will be able to deliver the promised benefits.

The CX landscape is changing faster than ever, with new technologies emerging constantly. AI in particular holds huge potential to transform CX – but only if deployed carefully,” said Kevin McGachy, head of AI services at Sabio Group.

“With AI projects dependent on quality data, getting an accurate and unified view of customer interactions is critical, and this requires aggregating data from all channels and touchpoints,” he added. “Whether it’s call centre transcripts, CRM records or other sources, this data must be standardised. Only then can organisations derive actionable insights from AI. However, businesses must be careful to avoid bias when training algorithms. If the input data has already been summarised or categorised by an AI, this can create feedback loops. Ongoing human oversight is essential to ensure fairness and transparency.”

Strategy considerations

McGachy warned that dropping in AI and expecting it to deliver an improved customer experience in isolation was also a strategy the channel should avoid.

“Ultimately, AI and automation must align to wider CX strategy and objectives, and customer-centric metrics taking precedence over operational ones is key. Alongside hard commercial benefits, the report advises focusing on softer benefits like customer effort scores and satisfaction ratings,” he said.

“With a measured approach, AI and automation provide a real chance to deliver personalised, frictionless experiences customers now expect.”

Sabio is banging the drum over AI and focusing on the opportunities it presents at its forthcoming Disrupt 2024 event being held in London this March.

The firm has invited generative AI expert Nina Schick to hold the keynote session and outline the potential of the technology on the CX front.

Sabio’s chief innovation officer, Stuart Dorman, said there will be a chance for the audience to hear how AI will make a real impact.

“Her keynote will help our audience understand how they can harness the power of AI like generative models to transform the customer experience and build deeper consumer connections,” he said. 

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