Exclusive Networks rolls out collaborative marketing community

Distributor Exclusive Networks recognises the need for channel marketers to share best practices and work together

There has been a flurry of activity at Exclusive Networks in the first weeks of the year, with the distributor extending vendor relationships and enhancing its marketing support for partners.

The distie has extended its relationship with Ruckus Networks to cover the UK and launched a marketing network to increase the support available to partners.

There have been calls in the channel to increase marketing collaboration to improve skills, and Exclusive is taking that approach to play its part in making life easier for marketeers across its partner base.

The ecosystem will share best practice and provide marketers with the collaborative environment that has long existed for those working on the technical or sales sides of the channel.

“The Exclusive Networks Marketing Network is more than just a support system; it’s a vision to promote marketing excellence, elevate industry standards, and highlight the intrinsic value of marketing for our partner businesses,” said Hannah Jenney, Exclusive’s head of marketing for UK & Ireland.

The distie is determined it can provide enablement programmes to help share knowledge, and will underpin it with certifications and accreditations delivered by a CPD-certified, Coterie Community-powered platform, as well as involve regular meetings and LinkedIn groups to support collaboration.

“Whether they wield substantial influence in a small business or navigate high-pressure roles in huge organisations, these marketeers play a vital role in driving growth and prosperity – often with their contributions being significantly less visible or celebrated than other departments,” said Jenney.

“That’s where the Exclusive Networks Marketing Network steps in, designed with a deep understanding of how businesses and our partners operate, and continuously addressing their pain points throughout the month and quarter. Through robust marketing support and education, we’re committed to helping them achieve their goals,” she added.

She added that there had been a positive response from partners, and some of the one-person marketing teams were keen to collaborate with others.

“Teams like these experience a lot of isolation in their work, and I know they will be grateful for the opportunity to work closely with like-minded people. Who knows what they’ll achieve,” she said.

Meanwhile, on the vendor portfolio front, Ruckus Networks has extended a relationship with Exclusive that had been running in the US to now cover the UK and Ireland.

The distie will be in a position to offer the vendor’s complete portfolio, including Ruckus AI and the Cloudpath Enrolment System, to make adding additional hardware to a network easier. Exclusive will be providing training and support to get resellers up to speed around the technology.

Matthew Paynter, vendor director for UK&I at Exclusive Networks, said the Ruckus technology would complement existing tools in its portfolio: “Working together, our partners will be better equipped than ever to seize the market opportunities before them.”

In response, Gary Newbold, vice-president of regional sales for EMEA at Ruckus Networks, said it was working to make networks smarter and that it would be able to get in front of more channel partners as a result of working with Exclusive.

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