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Print managed services part of a sustainability pitch

It’s been pitched as a cost-controlling benefit, but the green benefits of MPS is growing, according to Kyocera Document Solutions UK

Adopting print management has been promoted as one of the approaches customers can take to improve their sustainability position.

The channel has traditionally pitched managed print services (MPS) as a route to unlocking more control over costs and improved efficiencies in customer workplaces, but according to Steve Pearce, head of marketing at Kyocera Document Solutions UK, it could also be an option for users looking to improve their carbon emission position.

“There are countless ways organisations can build a net-zero workplace through technology, but perhaps a lesser known way to achieve this is by having the appropriate print devices and print management policies in place,” he said.

Pearce noted that sustainability had shot up the customer priority list and it was a good time for the channel to talk about energy consumption and upgrading printer estates, highlighting the greener credentials of modern technology.

“The most environmentally friendly printers function with low energy, are made predominantly of recycled materials and can themselves be recycled at the end of their lifetime, and are built with durable materials which reduce the need to frequently replace parts. Combining all of this into a carbon-neutral managed print service – covering after-sales care, device maintenance, engineer mileage and device disposal – will make a major difference,” he added.

Sustainability was a key theme throughout 2023 and there are no signs that will change this year, with more efforts being made by channel and customers to get to carbon neutral. Pearce said it was a long road, but partners needed to be prepared to guide customers on their journey’s to net zero.

“It is important organisations thoroughly understand their overall energy consumption, particularly the impact of their most energy-intensive activities. This should cover not just the energy you consume in the office, but emissions related to things like staff commuting,” he said.

“Achieving a net-zero workplace won’t happen overnight, but it is vital business leaders integrate a sustainable approach into company culture. Purchasing in the right technology and committing to new initiatives are crucial steps in reducing energy consumption, but the greatest success will come when employees are fully included in the process,” added Pearce. 

Interest in MPS has been growing, with Quocirca’s Managed print services market landscape 2023 study revealing that after a period of stagnation the market was expected to have grown last year, with an increasing number of customers planning to invest in the technology.

Louella Fernandes, research director at Quocirca, said: “Businesses now have a better understanding of how to adapt their workplace infrastructure to support permanent post-pandemic changes. Now, they are looking to MPS providers for solutions that solve the three key challenges of cost, security and sustainability, while also enabling the drive for digitisation.

“There’s an undoubted opportunity here, but MPS providers must ensure that they are offering the right services and consultancy in response to rising expectations. They must also address the satisfaction gaps that are starting to appear,” she added.

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