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Alludo gunning for remote access server market

Parallels brand owner identifies market opportunity that can be unlocked by working with channel partners

Alludo is keen to pitch its virtual desktop solution against rivals through the channel at a time when SME users are considering their options.

The owner of the Parallels brand views its Remote Access Server (RAS) virtual app and desktop management tool as a serious alternative to the likes of Citrix and VMware.

Alludo CEO Christa Quarles is keen to equip partners with an alternative to its rivals and is promoting its technology and extending its base.

“One area of interesting growth and opportunity for us is on the Parallels RAS side of our business, which is sold very specifically through a partner motion... The competitive dynamic there is quite interesting, in the sense that both Citrix and VMware have gotten taken private so they are manoeuvring in terms of focusing on their very largest customers, which is leaving an opening for us to be able to go after some of the smaller and medium-sized enterprises,” she said.

Quarles added that it was in a position to offer a more economical and easier solution for partners to pitch to customers, which was something that had been resonating with the market.

“The feedback we get, both from partners and from customers, is that we are significantly cheaper and significantly easier to use. And as the world is shifting – we’re seeing some movement there,” she said.

Quarles added that as a result it was picking up partners that had been selling its rivals and was in a position to widen its market reach. “What we’re seeing is they need our product for a portion of their underlying customer base, and so we’re seeing significant growth there. That’s really exciting,” she said.

“The feedback we get, both from partners and from customers, is that we are significantly cheaper and significantly easier to use”
Christa Charles, Alludo

Quarles explained that it was continuing to inform more channel partners about RAS and the benefits of working with the vendor, showing them that it’s investing in them and offering them the training required to effectively position its products.

“It’s a partnership and we need to create joint business objectives and plans together to say, ‘Here’s what we’re going to invest, here’s how you position us’, and really create a lot of mutual benefit for both sides. Our goal is to help the channel partner grow ... it does not work if only one side grows,” she added.

Quarles said there was a real opportunity for the channel to pick up customers that were not being covered by other technologies.

“There’s a huge swath of blue ocean in front of us. Let’s just go and go aggressively,” she said, adding that the ecosystem was continuing to grow and the prospects for the future were looking strong.

Quarles revealed it was looking at the Parallels part of the business “growing substantially” as the firm moved into 2024 and beyond, and partners were critical to unlocking that growth.

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