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Distology and Global Cloud Xchange extending security relationships

The distributor and the MSP have both added more depth to their offerings by striking up fresh relationships and cutting the ribbon on new options

Security continues to hold top position on customer concern lists, and those involved in the market are enhancing the proposition they can put in front of users.

Examples of vendors working with partners to extend market reach and deliver a fresh solution have emerged in the past few days to underline the evolution that is taking place across the industry.

Cyber security-focused distributor Distology has signed up Ermetic to add more depth to the protection it can offer for cloud infrastructure.  

The distie has been given a brief of helping Ermetic reach more resellers and get more partners to sign up to the vendor’s programme.

Distology will be offering partners support by working with the vendor to deliver a certification programme to boost technical knowledge.

“Multicloud security is under-addressed and underserved in our markets, so we are very pleased and cannot wait to work with Ermetic to address critical threats within public cloud infrastructure,” said Lance Williams, chief product at Distology.

He added that the firm was looking to add Ermetic’s cloud-native application protection platform into its multicloud security offering.

Eduard Meelhuysen, vice-president of sales for EMEA/APAC at Ermetic, said it wanted to work with Distology to get access to more UK partners: “This partnership allows us to achieve broader market reach for securing multicloud environments, with a specific focus on cloud infrastructure entitlement management [CIEM] and a cloud-native application protection platform [CNAPP].”

“Together with Distology’s ecosystem, we can help organisations secure and protect their cloud infrastructure from constantly evolving threats,” he added.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the cyber security front, managed service provider Global Cloud Xchange (GCX) has launched GNSX in a fresh MSSP partnership with Palo Alto Networks.

The channel player has used Palo Alto technology as the basis for an offering that combines zero-trust hybrid networking with real-time visibility, security and control.

The firm is making it available as a managed service that is underpinned by user experience metrics and experience-level agreements (XLAs). 

Jonathan Wright, director of products and operations at GCX, said the service offers more than just keeping an eye on network performance: “GNSX goes beyond simply showing whether a network is performing. Instead, it monitors the user experience at an application level, using a real-time XLA dashboard to show how applications perform and their security status for users over a given period. 

“This insight empowers IT directors to optimise everything from network performance to security and even spending, so they can invest in the right areas rather than blindly throwing money at a problem,” he added.

From a Palo Alto perspective, Gavin Mee, vice-president of EMEA West & North at Palo Alto Networks, said the partnership with GCX showed how its technology could underpin zero-trust offerings, which are in strong demand from customers. 

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