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Kaseya beefs up security on IT Complete platform

Managed service specialist offers more functionality as it integrates technology from some of its recent acquisitions

Kaseya has continued to push its platform approach, using its annual shindig in Las Vegas to update managed service providers on where it’s taking IT Complete.

The firm has been building more functionality into the platform, as well as adding more depth with moves such as the Datto acquisition, and used the Global Connect event to indicate it has got to a stage where it’s ready to talk about IT Complete 2.0.

The main enhancements surround the additional security the firm has added, with automated network penetration testing a result of its acquisition of Vonahi.

It’s following its usual practice and lowering the pricing for the additional solutions by 10%.

Kaseya is also adding a Cyber Insurance Fast Track Programme to give more MSPs access to cover, as well as rolling out a Remote IT and Security Management Certification option for partners to show they have expertise in that area. 

“Being able to deliver IT Complete 2.0 to our customers, with all the integrations and expanded product suites, is an exciting milestone for our company, and marks the next stage of Kaseya’s growth,” said company CEO Fred Voccola.

The firm is also expanding its MSP Enablement Suite to include the automated sales presentation solution it gained through the acquisition of audIT. The plan is to offer access to audIT at no charge to all customers.


Kaseya has also completed the integration of all of Datto’s products and made more than 350 integrations in the IT Complete platform.

“Everything we have built into IT Complete, and the hundreds of millions of dollars we’ve invested and will continue to invest, was done to ensure organisations ‘Powered by Kaseya’ are recognised as delivering the best IT and security solutions on the planet,” said Voccola.

The Kaseya Connect Global event also included sessions giving managed service players M&A advice as consolidation continues to sweep through the channel.

Speaking to MicroScope recently, Voccola said there were reasons for the MSP community to be positive, even in the face of economic uncertainty, because the market conditions favoured those able to solve SME IT issues.

“This will be the first economic slowdown where enterprise-facing software companies are going to feel it big time,” he said. “The last slowdown was 14 years ago – the enterprise was just finishing, or in the middle, of their digital transformation.

“The enterprise back then was looking for technology to make up and provide more efficiency, or to provide areas of growth for their businesses; so while they cut spending and made tough choices, they were increasing their investments in technology, which means the IT and security that runs them got a big boost,” said Voccola. “That’s already been done. The low-hanging fruit is gone.

“Now small to mid-sized businesses, the customers of all of our MSPs, are in the half-time of their digital transformation – they’re where the enterprise was 15 years ago,” he said. “If I’m a solicitor in West London, I am going to spend a higher percentage of my revenue on technology because the economy is slowing down, [and] I need to get more efficient and find new markets.”

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