HP building on sustainability programme

Almost two years after the supplier launched Amplify impact, its UK channel boss has indicated there is more to come

HP is looking to continue developing its sustainability partner programme as it marks almost two years of working with the channel to take proactive steps to protect the environment.

The supplier’s Amplify Impact programme has a strong emphasis on encouraging partners to sign the pledge and commit to helping with climate action.

Neil Macdonald, UK and Ireland channel director at HP, shared some insights into the progress made and the ambition for the programme as it enters a third year.

“Since 2021, HP has worked incredibly hard to engage and onboard as many partners as possible onto the programme,” he said. “The response has been overwhelming, with 80% of UK partners by revenue having signed the HP Amplify Impact Pledge. As well as being our responsibility, it is a competitive advantage. Customers are aligning themselves with organisations that prioritise sustainability, as evidenced by the $3.5bn in new HP sales influenced by sustainability in fiscal 2021.”

The vendor has been working with some partners on a range of initiatives that support its climate pledges, and last month joined forces with SCC to plant 500 trees in New Forest National Park, in partnership with Forestry England.

That effort added to the total of 60,000 trees that HP has planted in the UK and Ireland as part of its commitment to hitting one million into the ground by the end of this year.

Looking ahead, the plans are to extend the reach of the programme and encourage more to sign up and promote their own efforts to reduce carbon emissions. “For all the early momentum and success, we still have big plans for the programme and it feels like we are just getting started,” said Macdonald. “We are going to be expanding HP Amplify Impact globally, to cover all our markets over the next two years with a phased roll-out.”

Commitment to sustainability

He added that being able to talk about and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability was becoming increasingly important for the channel.

“Our partners are telling us that they're increasingly being judged on their sustainability credentials as part of the new business process,” said Macdonald. “While bigger resellers can often afford to have their own strategies and teams dedicated to tackling this, many smaller and medium-sized resellers have requested extra support and guidance.

“We’re also helping sales teams to constructively discuss sustainability with prospects and customers, to better communicate what their organisation is doing in the most effective way possible, and earn more revenue,” he said. “Sustainability has become an open, evidence-based topic of conversation between HP account managers and our channel partners. Having these kinds of discussions regularly, and keeping them going, is one of the best examples of company culture evolving to make sustainability a priority.”

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