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IGEL pulls plug on thin client hardware

Firm will focus on software going forward as it reveals it will no longer sell hardware from the end of the first quarter of 2023

Thin client player IGEL made it clear over the past few years that it was moving away from hardware and focusing on software, and the moment has come for that position to become a firm one.

Partners and customers have been informed that hardware will be sunsetted in March next year and the future of the business will be based around its software and a number of partnerships that will cover the demand for hardware.

Relationships with Lenovo, HP and LG will give partners access to nine different offerings to make sure they can continue to provide the solutions their customers are looking for.

The options available to partners from these vendors with IGEL OS installed will be available to peruse online and the firm has also developed partnerships with other software players, including Microsoft, Citrix and VMware.

Simon Townsend, IGEL’s field chief technology officer for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), said it had kept partners in the loop as it had been winding down its hardware operation so the development would not come as a surprise to its channel.

He added that the change in direction would provide the channel with access to more hardware options, as IGEL had only been offering three flavours to users, and would be a strong pitch for customers looking for secure solutions in a hybrid working world.

IGEL CEO Jed Ayres said its decision to sunset hardware was the right one at the right time. “We believe that the timing couldn’t be better to become singularly focused on the delivery of a software platform that improves security and manageability at the endpoint, enhances productivity and optimises the employee experience,” said Ayres.

“Through our alliances with HP, Lenovo and LG, we are also expanding our global reach and doubling down on innovation that enables our partners and customers to derive more value from the investments they are making in Microsoft, Citrix and VMware VDI, DaaS and SaaS solutions,” he added.

IGEL managed to get to number three in the thin client hardware market globally and was number one in its native Germany, but started to transition away from relying on that business in 2016.

“Expanding the global adoption of our endpoint operating system was the right decision, especially at a time when there is more demand than ever for a more secure, manageable, cost-effective and rich Windows experience across a growing array of endpoint devices that support today’s hybrid work environments,” said Ayres.

The firm shared some responses from partners, with Mike Strohl, CEO of e360, among those to pick up on the benefits of the hardware partnership approach.

“IGEL’s alliances with three of the leading hardware manufacturers – HP, Lenovo and LG – is exciting news for us and for our clients. We pride ourselves on working with our clients to select the best solutions for solving the unique business and technology challenges they face, and this now gives us greater flexibility of choice when it comes to selecting the right endpoint hardware for the delivery of IGEL within our clients’ Microsoft, Citrix and VMware environments,” he said.

The firm will continue to sell its hardware through distribution until stocks have gone by the end of the first quarter 2023. It has also made it clear that it will continue to support its five-year warranty for new and previously purchased hardware systems.

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