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Workflow player seeks UK channel growth

Firm has cut the ribbon on a London HQ and is keen to increase partner numbers and revenues coming through the channel

Workflow specialist is planning to ramp up its channel numbers and increase its activities in the UK as the firm looks for more international growth.

The Israel-based company operates across 190 countries and has 127,000 customers globally, but is looking for more growth via its single-tier channel approach. Worldwide, the firm is also working with 85 channel partners.

Naveed Malik, regional director, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) at, said customers were looking at the way staff worked and communicated with each other and it was a good moment for the channel to talk to customers about workflow processes.

“We are a global company expanding very, very rapidly, with a phenomenal value proposition and a phenomenal platform, something which has just gone through this kind of hyper growth spurt right now, and it really is the right time at the right place,” he said.

“We haven’t just shown up to the game right now. There’s been a lot of hard work, a lot of development, a lot of intelligence and a real sense of ownership in the product itself to get it where it is today.”

Although 52% of its revenues come from outside the US, is looking for more from the UK and has chosen to open an HQ here to deepen activity and use it as a bridgehead to go deeper into Europe, with France and DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) also in its sights.

“One of the things that I’m looking to do going forward is really to establish a solid commercial hub from the European organisation,” said Malik. “So the HQ has been deemed as London, for all the right reasons from a customer base point of view and from the partner base point of view.

“To coin a phrase, ‘channel isn’t part of our strategy – the channel is our strategy’. So, from a partners point of view, we absolutely love them. We want to grow much more aggressively with them in the UK and beyond as well. We’re looking to recruit more partners in the UK.”

That will not involve a mass sign-up, but seeking out quality partners that can add value and unlock customer growth for the firm, he added.

“The goal is really to make sure that we can create and build profitable businesses with our partners as well as building market share, and driving the right type of outcomes for our customers. I’m really looking to grow in real terms, a 70% increase year on year of the channel business or the channel partner base. We have a very limited number of partners right now, so I’m looking to expand that to probably around 12 and probably a maximum of 15 next year.”

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