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Ultima Labs adds more security to platform offering

Firm continues to innovate and react to user calls for more options with its IA-Cloud platform

Ultima Labs has continued to add more functionality to its IA-Cloud management platform, now enhancing the proposition with increased security.

The addition of automated security compliance and a vulnerability analyser is designed to help customers quickly check if they are up to date with regulations.

Ultima Labs was launched in February last year, with a remit to develop tools to help customers. It started off with its IA-Connect offering, which covered many security issues for users who do not want to automate over a virtual private network (VPN). The operation has now reached a stage where it has a proposition that can be shared with the wider MSP community.

IA-Cloud is designed to build, monitor, manage and optimise Microsoft Azure environments for MSPs, with enterprise-level architecture so they can focus more on customer service and innovation. It enables MSPs to deliver fresh services and automate existing ones.

The compliance feature has been developed in response to the pressures customers are under to try to keep on top of an evolving situation with compliance across multicloud environments. The vulnerability analyser will help identify issues with Microsoft’s software and help users to keep on top of things. 

Both of the latest enhancements have arisen from customer feedback, with managed service providers making it clear what functionality they would benefit from being automated.

“We are continually seeking feedback from customers on IA-Cloud to enable us to provide a platform which truly meets their needs,” said Amyn Jaffer, head of Ultima Labs. “Our Feature Request Portal allows customers to view what features we are considering adding and either upvote them or submit their own ideas for consideration. We are proud of our commitment to continuously improving the product, and these new features are part of that commitment to provide the best service to our customers.”

The firm has also added a design documentation service that will save users hours as they look to get all the material together on architectural work. There is also an optimised dashboard, including a direct link to the Azure resource to simplify remediation.

Since it launched last year, Ultima Labs has been adding more depth to the automation options, launching the IA-Cloud offering last November.

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