Genesys enhances channel support with Ascend programme

Comms player is putting experience as a service at the heart of its global partner efforts

Comms player Genesys is cutting the ribbon on a fresh partner programme as it looks to increase the support for those aiming to improve their experience as a service capabilities.

The pandemic has shone a light on the need for the channel to deliver improved customer experience, with comms forming a major plank of that effort.

The response from Genesys has been to launch the Ascend programme to give more structure for partners and build on the momentum in the channel that saw 50% of new bookings coming from partners in the past fiscal year.

One of the main figures charged with making the programme as success is Ken Archer, head of worldwide channel at Genesys, who came into that role around six months ago, starting a new chapter in a career that had already seen spells at HP and Avaya.

“I was brought in to develop a global channel strategy in line with our corporate strategy around experiences and service and to optimise our current channel, and build new types of indirect routes to market to really support the experience as a service category that we have created and we want to be differentiated within through partnerships,” he said.

Backed by the CEO he has added more depth and strength to the channel leadership team and doubled the headcount to make sure it can deliver a programme that can be fully supported.

“I looked at the channel programme,” he said. “Was it compelling as it relates to our competitors? Did it drive the right behaviour on our current channel? Was it compelling enough to drive a recruiting strategy? Do we get incentives to motivate some partners that weren't part of the Genesis portfolio to join us? Beyond getting the partner programme reengineered and make it the most lucrative channel programme in the industry, which is my goal, is to surround the partner programme with all the other enablement that is necessary.”

Customer experience

Genesys is eyeing the space where it, along with its partners, can deliver personalised seamless customer experience, integrated across sales, service and marketing.

“With the programme that we've announced it also increases the opportunity to really augment and grow,” said Archer. “What I mean by augment is that we are recognising that in the strategy we need to increase the opportunity for partners to play in the execution of this of this experience as a service strategy.”

One of the ambitions of Ascend is that it will fuel an expansion in the partner base but Archer is clear that it will not work with anyone and wants commitment and ideally some vertical expertise. The firm is also keen to work with partners that can help it address the migration opportunity that exists among its installed base.

“We have a big on prem base and we are looking for key partnerships to help in migrating those on prem customers to either Genesys Cloud of Engage Cloud,” he said.

Archer said that the Ascend programme was the start of enhancements it would be making for partners: “Our goal is to continue to evolve it, make it the most lucrative partner programme and preached the opportunity to make money.”

Programme highlights

  • Lifecycle onboarding and enablement programs will enable Genesys and partners to develop creative partnership approaches
  • A fresh portal to help partners get information, log opportunities, and manage their pipeline
  • A performance structure that will help develop rebate models
  • A Scorecard that helps partners in the three tiers – bronze, silver and gold – keep track of their compensation and recognition status

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