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Exertis joins GTDC ranks

Distributor becomes latest to join the global organisation that promotes the second tier of the channel

Exertis has become the latest to join the ranks of the Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC), with the firm taking a seat on the board and adding to the number of UK players that are part of the organisation.

The GTDC bangs the drum for distribution and promotes the skills and attributes held in that tier of the channel.

The organisation regularly shares research, with the most recent indicating that vendors are increasingly viewing distributors as key partners in their ambition to grow indirect revenues.

“It’s exciting to be part of the GTDC at a time when vendor partners and channel customers are increasingly relying on distributors to deliver more than products. Knowledge, insight and strong partnerships are the industry’s foundation, and we’re all responding to extraordinary trends in business as well as society,” said Tim Griffin, managing director of DCC Technology, which trades as Exertis.

He added that Exertis had increasingly become a global player and it was a good time to become part of an organisation that was representing the broad industry.

“When I first took on my role, Exertis was substantially a UK business and my focus has been to transform Exertis into a global powerhouse. I’m delighted that we now have assets on both sides of the Atlantic,” he said.

Griffin, along with Clive Fitzharris, managing director of Exertis International, will join the GTDC board of directors.

Frank Vitagliano, CEO of the GTDC, said bringing on more members added depth to the organisation and introduced more voices.

“Technology distributors are continuously adding new value on a global scale, and the addition of Exertis to the GTDC brings yet more depth, insight and diversity to the organisation. We look forward to its participation and support as we advance awareness of how the distribution industry is transforming in the everything-as-a-service era,” he said.

The GTDC has been increasing its membership over the past year, with European player Esprinet joining in January.

Vitagliano has been at the helm of the organisation since becoming the third GTDC CEO in spring 2019 and has worked hard to promote distribution to the wider market and the organisation to potential members.

Speaking to MicroScope in 2019, he said: “My goal is to promote the value that our members provide in the overall IT landscape.”

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