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Veeam fills gap for partners with NAS support

Backup and data management specialist Veeam is working with its channel base to make sure resellers take advantage of the updates to its flagship product Availability Suite

Veeam is expecting its channel partners to welcome the launch of the latest version of its Availability Suite because it gives them a chance to go back to existing customers with increased functionality.

In response to feedback from the partner and user communities, the vendor has added network-attached storage (NAS) backup to version 10 of its flagship product. Filling that gap should give the channel a strengthened pitch with customers.

Alex Walsh, manager of channels for UK and Ireland at Veeam, said it had been working hard to make sure its partner base could take advantage of the latest release.

“We have had a lot of conversations with partners over the past few months about what v10 means. It is a full suite of products in data protection and data management,” he said.

Walsh added that customers wanted to deal with one supplier that dealt with all their similar issues, and the NAS piece of the equation missing had prevented that.

“As we go deeper into this new IT landscape, people are looking to manage all their platforms. Now there is no missing piece – we have covered every aspect,” he said.

The NAS backup functionality gives users the option to back up a range of server formats, including Windows and Linux. The latest release also includes the virtual machine (VM) Instant Recovery feature, giving a chance to recover virtual and physical machine backups to a VMware VM, Hyper-V, Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure cloud storage.

The other additional features that Walsh is expecting the channel to take advantage of is the ransomware-proof backups.

Ransomware continues to be a problem that plagues users and causes a lot of heartache for many concerned that they would not be able to recover easily if they became victims of the cyber crime.

Walsh said the ability to generate backups that allow users to quickly get back to a point in time before the attack would arm resellers with another feature worth talking to customers about.

Additional support for partners

Walsh said it had been planning how it could support the channel to make sure partners were able to hit the ground running and talk about the options now available with customers.

The vendor is making itself available to support partners on the ground to get the message across to users.

“We are going to be doing a lot of on-site activities with partners to enable them and share what it means for them and their customers,” said Walsh. “That will be happening over the next couple of months, so our partners feel comfortable with v10.”

He added that the recent announcement about the change in Veeam’s ownership had also gone down well with the channel, because it not only delivered more certainty, but also gave the firm muscle to invest further.

“It is not going to disrupt the day-to-day,” he added “With the investment though, we can now breakout more in North America.”

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