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Olive CTO talks 5G and the importance of providing a good customer experience

Recently appointed CTO is looking to help the mobile and cloud player build on its legacy and support more global customers

It has been a couple of months since Andy Jane joined Olive Communications as CTO but he already has some clear ideas about the task ahead.

The firm has a strong background in cloud and mobile and has been developing its own platform to make sure it has the ability to react to the demands of a multi-cloud environment and looked to the ex-Mitel staffer Jane as a key piece of the team supporting its next phase of growth.

"My absolute focus is growth to expand beyond the UK but we want to make sure that we are also there for our existing customers, to make sure we're meeting their needs," he said "This market is dynamically changing and it's changing for every one of our customers as well and we want to make sure that we grow with them and we grow with their needs."

One of his plans is to help Olive carry on its international expansion, building on recent moves made setting up a presence in Australia and looking to push into the US, as it looks to support more global customers.

"I have come in to do a number of things, really focused around the technology. My perspective is to come in and position and change the way that we position ourselves in the market," he added "We do very much focus around global opportunities."

One of the areas where Jane will be making sure that the firm keeps a high standard is around customer experiences, making sure that the technology delivers the solution that works for the user.

“It is all about the customer experience, making sure we connect technology as an enabler for a great customer experience,” he added “We have diversity so it’s not a single play for us we have the mobility play, the cloud play and a multi-cloud approach is absolutely critical going forward in this industry.”

Given the mobile background a lot of the excitement being felt by Jane and his team is around IoT and 5G, which has the potential to increase the bandwidth to support the ambitions of customers.

“For me it is all about access and what 5G really brings is the ability to make more real-time bandwidth hungry, low latency applications available,” he said.

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