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Lenovo unifies as-a-service efforts

Both infrastructure and device-as-a-service options come under a single umbrella with TruScale

Lenovo has continued its push into the everything-as-a-service world bringing its activities under a single umbrella, as it makes it easier for partners to react to customer demands for flexibility and subscription pricing.

Earlier this summer, the firm increased its activity around device as a service (DaaS), and it has used its Tech World event this week to push that further.

Lenovo TruScale is the branding the firm is using to cover its XaaS portfolio, bringing together everything it has done so far, including infrastructure services and desktop activities. Taking the single umbrella approach will make life easier for partners that can now offer a range of options to customers under a single contract framework.

TruScale first emerged as a brand from Lenovo’s Data Centre Group (DCG) back in February 2019, to cover infrastructure services with subscription-based pricing. It has now had the DaaS option added to give customers and partners the ability to navigate the options via a single place.

The reasons why the as-a-service approach took such a high-profile position at Tech World is because Lenovo believes that the world is changing and hybrid working is going to drive even more demand for flexibility and changing consumption models.

The supplier quoted research coming from its own efforts and Gartner and IDC, that indicated that the as-a-service market is growing at four-times the overall IT services total addressable market. By 2024, the XaaS approach will represent 12% of enterprise x86 server spend, more than 50% of new enterprise storage spend and around 17% of commercial PC spend.

“Digital transformation is accelerating faster than ever, and companies are struggling to keep pace with the speed of innovation,” said Ken Wong, president of Solutions & Services Group at Lenovo. “We hear from CIOs [chief information officers] every day that their organisations’ technology needs are evolving every 12-18 months. With Lenovo TruScale, customers can expect one solution, one provider, one contract framework and a single point of accountability for everything-as-a-service.”


Lenovo is also building an ecosystem to make sure it has the ability to cover the different ways that customers might want to consume services. It has struck partnerships with infrastructure partners Deloitte, VMWare and Intel, and on the DaaS security front is working with Absolute Software and SentinelOne.

“Lenovo’s as-a-service approach helps meet the market’s demand for responsive, reliable hybrid cloud operations,” said Punit Renjen, CEO of Deloitte Global. “Put simply our organisations are helping companies grow their enterprises and mitigate risks to create more value and serve society better.”

Speaking to MicroScope back in July about the DaaS efforts, Jane Ashworth, channel director for UK&I at Lenovo, said that more resellers were looking at the as-a-service approach as they increased their managed services portfolios, and distributors had also made significant investments in the as-a-service model.

“I think that at both distribution level and partner level, there has been some huge investments and advancements by many partners in this area, and good for them, because obviously this is future-proofing their businesses and listening to the needs of the end-user,” she said.

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